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I then move onto my endurance plan where I do pronated pull ups with 25kg for 12-15 reps x3-5sets. Let's say I do 5x5 (chin ups and hammer grip pull ups) and I reach 50kg and end my strength building plan.

I believe the hammer grip pull ups will work forarms a lot more than close of wide grips because of how you rotate the forarm makes you use it. 3. A final reason to consider using a narrow grip beyond the issue of range of motion is the fact that it puts the biceps in a stronger position. A slightly harder variation than the standard pull ups, these will not provide you with any additional muscular development than the standard version, in contrary to popular belief.

Now pull your shoulder blades together and down as you bring the imaginary bar to your chest. I hurt my wrist a year ago, and now I can't do pull ups because it kills my wrists.

Some variations of the pull-up are more likely to result in a rotator cuff injury.

Add hammer grip pull ups to your back workout and include bent over barbell rows and seated cable rows for a solid mass building back routine!

… Avoid behind-the-neck pull-ups or rear pull-ups, as demonstrated by exercise requires you to pull yourself up until the back of your neck touches the bar, placing your shoulders in extreme external rotation and increasing your risk of injury.

The wide-grip pullup is an upper-body strength movement that targets your back, chest, shoulders, arms, and core. Chin-ups use a lot of biceps.

However, I’m also not convinced that wide grip Pull-ups builds the lats better than a medium grip. Pull your body up, and push your head forward so that the bar touches the back of your neck. Wide-grip pull-ups vs close-grip pull-ups If you are looking to build more functional strength and want to focus primarily on your lat development, wide grip pull-ups will be your exercise of choice.

Someone told me that it doesn't really help you, and that I need to do wide grip pull ups to get stronger lats. I can do hammer grip pull ups though. Are hammer grip pull ups as beneficial as pull ups? Sit up straight, pretend you're grabbing the bar using the same grip you'd use on a pull-up or pulldown (your hands just beyond shoulder-width apart, or whatever width you use on a barbell bench press). Whereas, if you are implementing wide grip pull-ups, your shoulders will force the upper part of your arms to end toward the side of your body. Because of the adduction function of the lats, grip width has an impact on recruitment of the lats.