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Your favorite '90s boy band, responsible for the hit "MMMbop," now have a beer brand called "MMMhops". Weird 90s scary car documentary A long shot, I'm sure - but approx 20 years ago (!!) The world’s first automobile was developed by Carl Benz in 1885. An original way to hold onto the glory days. For those who lived through it, these 90 facts about the ‘90s should bring a nostalgic smile to your face. This was a low-cost car. Every car that gets old becomes new again, and these gorgeous cars of the 70s, 80s, and 90s that fell out of fashion are suddenly retro… By Ben Stewart Jul 1, 2015 Cars in the 1990s were a mixed bag as well, and for every BMW 540i station wagon in your city there were at least 5,000 V6-engined sedans making well under 200 hp. I watched a documentary on cars, and it was framed to be relatively scary depiction where cars were taking on their own movement due to chip implants. 2. In 1908, the Model T developed by Henry Ford became the first car available to the masses. An original way to … First car for the masses. Hatchbacks in the '90s … It cost around $850 in 1908 and $260 in 1925 (the reduction in the cost of the car was mainly because of the invention of the assembly line).