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Building a DN ice boat; Club Equipment; Ice safety. This crosscut kit is made from 6.4oz Supercruise Dacron ® using the designer's plans and features top three batten pockets full, lower standard (battens not included), a boltrope on the luff and foot, and a window.. Computer plotted with seaming and hem lines plotted right on the cloth. Sew it yourself! 14 Photos ... Race Ready DN for Sale $2,800.00 November 15, 2019; View posts about: Archived: Ice conditions (13) Building-parts-supplies (2)

DN Ice Boats. will have sufficient power. The DN Adapter is a spring with a swivel mount that attaches the mainsheet block to the tiller post. In case of mishap it … Maybe he will race it in the Vintage/Classic category at some of our DN regattas this winter…. Get started ice boating by learning about the different types of ice boats, how to get started, regattas, history, and so much more. 750.00 each. They are complete and ready to sail. Ken Stafford checks in with this update on a nice vintage DN he is restoring- it looks like it’s almost too nice to sail now! Ice safety; Right of way Rules; ... DN tiller build. The Alcort guys paid some attention to DN foot print, tiller/steering arrangement, sheet run, etc. The DN 60 derives its name from the 1937 request of The Detroit News for a high-performance, inexpensive, home-built iceboat design. Runners, sails and rigging are in great shape. The 12 inch wide plank should support robust skippers. The DN is most popular iceboat in the world. DN Iceboat Main Sail Kit lets you make your own mainsail. On this cold, snowy March 23rd, iceboating comes to mind……… You can build your own iceboat, or you can order one built by … The tiller steering column can be moved back, leaving the mast step where it is please. DN repair. And because the winning entry fit these specifications so well - it was 12 feet long, had 60 square feet of sail and a runner up front - the DN has become by far the most popular iceboat. Bought these Ice Boats 25 years ago used. We've been building and sailing ice boats for over 100 years in Madison, WI, USA. or best offer. One hand is on the tiller, and the other is clenching the limp wire shroud. Whether you are a racer or cruiser, your $25 membership in the IDNIYRA helps to promote the art and skill of DN ice yacht construction and the sport of ice yachting on all the hard waters of the world. Haven`t used them in four years so it`s time for these to go. The shackle is a 3/16in pin and the pin is a 1/4in base pin. 5 Photos . DN Halyard for DN Racers. The attachment point is a shackle and pin.

The boat will sail.
The low aspect Sunfish Lateen rig of 75 Square feet (as much as a skeeter !) It uses a 071 spring to prevent the block from hitting the tiller post. Link to Harken Product Page

Sailing Cheapskate is a little different from DN’s and other ice boats in my experience. $85.00 Forstjaw: Forstman Boom Jaw $25.00 FRSTCAR: Fortsmann boom block Car $17.45 FRSTOHADJ: Forstman boom outhaul Adjuster $40.70 NAVN740: Mast Hound Backing Plate T Fitting Style) $15.40 NW1014: Runner parking brake $34.00 NW1030: Tiller Extendable Finished $126.00 NW1031: Tiller Extendable Unfinished $116.00
DN Restoration. To lengthen the cockpit the seat back AND plank can be moved aft which may improve high speed handling and reduce the briskness of the steering.