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The battery is Bosch Silver with the following data printed: 5EN in huge letters and two rows of digits and numbers. Wie kann man das Herstellungsdatum herauslesen? S6 High Performance AGM Batteries ; S5 Batteries ; S4 Batteries ; S3 Batteries ; Contact Us. For aftermarket batteries, we have to differentiate.


I'm keen to know if anyone is able to date the battery for me, I've had a look online but Bosch seem to be have a strange way of dating batteries and I can't decipher any of the codes on it to get an accurate date.

Diese Kennzeichnung ist entweder auf einem der Batteriepole eingeschlagen, oder auf einem Aufkleber auf der Batterie angebracht. These are internal lot numbers or injection mold numbers and they have no bearing on the date of manufacture. Follow us on Social. The S3 range is aimed at older cars with small engines. Can you trace the origins of a Bosch battery with serial? This is the date after which it should not be sold. 4,770 posts. Done. It starts with Ex or Expires, followed by the date. Reply Reply Author.

English español. Please give a reason for sending this post.

Reason * Delete × Report post. The upper row reads. For the others, look up the closest part number of an original battery that matches your aftermarket battery specifications. For Example, the serial number of my Bosch Dishwasher is FD911100449.

A battery with a code A09 for example means January 2009. Andere Akkus haben z.B. Some batteries have a code starting with a letter and followed by a number. CODE–Knacker ... AGM-Batterie-Technologie (Absorbent GlassMat) Teure, wärmeempfindliche Batterie, bei der die Batteriesäure in einem porösen Glasfaservlies in dem die Schwefelsäure gebunden ist - kann also beim Kippen nicht auslaufen, auch deshalb, weil das Gehäuse vollkommen geschlossen ist.

187 …

Bitte gebe einen Grund für das Löschen des Beitrags an. 2,312 posts ... how is 0025 an obvious date? Auto. S1MMA.

Air Management Sensors; Alternators and Starters; Batteries; Battery Accessories; Brakes; Diesel … You really can determine a lot about the tool if you … For example: 09016 would be broken down to September 1st, 2006 There may be additional alpha-numeric characters at the end of the date code.

G5B6882230170 With that data how do I find when the battery was produced? Reason * Report Action Report Deleted user. This topic has 11 replies, 10 voices, and was last updated 4 years, 10 months ago by theamcguy.

Le code de date de sortie est le mois et l'année de fabrication de la batterie. Hope this helps × Delete post.