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Figure 3. June bug larvae predation will also damage other flowers and plants in your yard. Phyllophaga, or the June beetle, is nocturnal, whereas, the Cotinis Nitida, or the Green June beetle, are diurnal. June Beetle Females lay 60 to 70 eggs in the soil. In my own garden, the June beetle air raid was over almost as quickly as it began, and I didn’t notice any damage to my vegetable crop. The larvae of the June bug can cause damage to your lawn and turf grass. Items You Need to Get Rid of June Bugs.

Green June Beetle Larvae.

Step 3 Make a trap for the June beetle. If you notice large, brown areas in your yard, the offspring could be attracting the roots of your grass. Life Cycles of June Bugs Egg. Tenlined June beetle. Tenlined June beetle is widely found in sandy soils west of the Rocky Mountains.
Grubs can be up to 1¼ inches long, and live in the soil using their strong mandibles (i.e., mouth parts) to chew on plant roots. June beetle larvae, called white grubs, are about 25 mm (1 inch) long and live in the soil.

Make a trap with a jar and white light to bring the adults in. We have received numerous inquiries regarding large grubs (larvae) crawling on their backs across pavements or other hard surfaces. Like other white grubs, June beetle larvae are active in the fall and spring, while adults are active in mid to late summer.

Well, these are the larval stage of the green June beetle… How to Control Beetles and Grubs. Japanese beetle: This type of June bug is a pest during both its larval and adult stages. June Beetles are sometimes called "May Beetles" in certain parts of the country.

The ten-lined June beetle (Polyphylla decemlineata), also known as the watermelon beetle, is a scarab beetle found in the western United States and Canada. Their strong mouth-parts are capable of … At this stage the bugs are simply... Pupa. June beetle June beetle (Phyllophaga species) eating a leaf. Life Cycle: Female beetles lay eggs in the soil.

Immature May/June beetles (i.e., larvae or “white grubs”) have distinctly C-shaped, cream-colored bodies with a reddish-brown head and three pairs of legs. These beetles make a tasty food for pet toads and lizards. There are several different species that are commonly called June bugs and these include: Chafer Beetle Green June Beetle Japanese Beetle Ten-Lined June Beetle
Immature May/June beetles (i.e., larvae or “white grubs”) have distinctly C-shaped, cream-colored bodies with a reddish-brown head and three pairs of legs.

In May, larvae are full grown (1.5 to 2 inches long) and then burrow underground once more to pupate, emerging in June and July as adults. Larvae are white with a C-shaped body, brown head, and three pairs of legs.

Green June beetle on sunflower in my garden.

Posted on October 10, 2019 by Sharon Schroll –by Dr. Raymond Cloyd.

How to Control Beetles and Grubs. Typical June beetle, adult of white grub, of the genus Phyllophaga. The larvae (grubs) feed on the grass roots until they are forced below the frost line, only to emerge in the summer as adults. The ten-lined June beetle, also called a ten-lined June bug, is one of the beetles in the June bug family. They take 3 to 4 years to develop fully.

Green June bug: This type of June bug is a recognized turf pest across many states in the USA. In cold-winter climates, larvae may move deeper in the soil to avoid frost and move closer to the surface again in the spring to continue feeding

Upon hatching from the eggs, June bugs enter their initial larval instar. June beetles are also known as June bug or May beetle.

This makes feeding them really easy: you need to supply them with leaf litter and rotting wood.