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Using Kafra Service will require you to pay from 800 zeny to 1,200 zeny, depending on the distance. splendide 262 376. tells you there is a crack in the bridge to Alfheim. [@commands List] @mall | @go mall = To instant teleport on Medieval Office. Walk to (148, 257), where you're able to overhear Munkenro talking to someone. Talk to Eden Teleport Officer and request to transport you to the Eden Group Secret Base. Map: man_fild02 Area: Manuk Field Detailed View of This Map Where is this? @eden = To Instant teleport on Eden Group Training Ground. Medieval Ragnarok Online Custom Commands. You will receive 150,000 Base EXP, 3,500 Job EXP, and 10 Splendide Coins. Detailed Information on Splendide Field Ragnarok Online, include map images, monsters on each map, monster amount on each map, links to each monster's details. We've got plenty of official Instances available, as well as dozens of convenient player commands. Map: spl_fild02 Area: Splendide Field Detailed View of This Map Where is this? Once you reach Morroc City, go to the center of the map then travel southwest until you see the broken walls caused by Satan Morroc. Inside Splendide 02 (61, 229) 132, 68 Inside Splendide 02 (45, 52) 156, 210 Inside Splendide 01 (171, 189) 157, 316 Inside Splendide 02 (108, 213) 170, 168 Inside Splendide 01 (190, 301) 197, 193 Inside Splendide 01 (110, 19) 198, 240 Splendide is populated by a fairy-like race called the Lapines. Offer to help and you will be directed to go to the north exit of Splendide to speak to the guard. Return to Eclage Guard Leo after hunting the monsters to receive 1 Splendide Coin, 200,000 Base EXP and 200,000 Job EXP. Splendide is a town in the New World.

Laphines That Love The Land Third jobs are fully implemented, along with the Rebellion Awakening and Kagerou/Oboro expansion. Click on a monster Talk to the Cat Paw Agent near 3. CUSTOM COMMANDS. (Currently not possible to complete this last step at the moment) Splendide: Talk to the Laphine Commander, and then Arioss. @myreward = To claim your reward every time the Game Master sent a global reward for all players. The Lapines form a faction in a conflict with the Sapha, a race of giants that live in the frozen areas of Manuk village . Now, head to the east and go to Manuk Field 3.Talk to the Tree Giant (Located at 236, 105). 2. @freebies = To get your Freebies and Instantly warp on RODEX Manager to claim your Reward. He will thank you for your valuable information and reward you with: 70,000,000 Base Experience; 3. Go downstairs to the banquet hall (147, 179) and talk to them, but first you overhear them plotting to ignore the peace and take control of things for themselves. Manuk: Talk to Etol, and then with the Laphine Prisoner. The guard . To go to Morroc City, you can either use the Kafra Service in any city or ask a Priest to warp you to the location. Do the Eclage Daily Quests for Splendide Coins. NOTE #2 - You need to do the Ring of the Wise King quest and equip the Ring of the Wise King to buy them. Report back upstairs, but the guards won't let you in. Click on a

Go to Splendide Field 02 and talk to the Small Fairy (Located at 33, 222).. 2. 1.

Detailed Information on Manuk Field Ragnarok Online, include map images, monsters on each map, monster amount on each map, links to each monster's details.

NOTE #1 - If you need Splendide Coins to do step 7, do Troublesome Fairies until Step 2 to get 2 to buy the needed items. Ragnarok Rocks Wednesday, February 20, 2013 How to go to Splendide Fields without any quest How to go to Splendide Fields? The only other path is through to misty forest. Complete the Encounter in a Strange Land quest until Step 8.. As they speak a different language, a quest is required to communicate with the locals and to use their services. Countries & Towns of Ragnarok Online; Rune-Midgarts Kingdom: Prontera • Izlude • Alberta • Payon • Archer Village • Morroc (Destroyed) • Geffen • Al De Baran • Comodo • Umbala: Republic of Schwartzvald: Go to the Blooming Flower Land (ecl_fild01) and hunt 5 Menblatt and 5 Petals. 1. NovaRO is a Renewal Ragnarok Online private server which recently updated to Episode 17.1. 14. Chose if you want to go to Splendide or Manuk for your reward. Go back to the Midgarts Expedition Camp and talk to the Camp Guard Captain (Located at 211, 237).

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